Birthday fun…with chocolate, parades & cake

It sucks getting old…but it’s better with chocolate.

That’s deep knowledge I just threw out right there.  DEEP.

Each year, I just really want to celebrate with friends and drink.  It’s not asking a lot really.  But trying to get everyone together, without children, is never an easy thing.  This year, we did things a little different.  We started with chocolate.

My husband arranged a chocolate party at Peterbrooke Winter Park

So let’s talk about the venue.  Peterbrooke is truly a magical place in the middle of Winter Park’s Park Avenue.  (I’m not getting paid to say any of this by the way!)  They not only have the most amazing chocolate and chocolate-covered items, but their staff is so fun and kind and knowledgeable about chocolate.

First off, we had to put on aprons and hats, which I promptly decorated with a shout-out to my twitter handle so those walking by could stalk me.



The whole crowd getting ready to dip. This amazing picture was featured on Peterbrooke’s Facebook page. Because, we are rock stars.


These girls are ready to dip.


Julie’s clean gloves are ready to get covered in chocolate!


My sister, Julie, getting lessons from chocolate master, Danny.


Doesn’t my husband look like he should be working there? He’s a natural.

So they provided us with items to dip, we brought our own wine, and I even brought my own balls to dip!  I made these peanut butter pretzel balls and dipped them into dark chocolate.  They were amaze-balls.  Even the owner thought so.  So you know, if you want to start selling them, I’m available.

I can’t thank the Peterbrooke folks enough for letting us take over their place.  We were loud and rowdy and kept asking inappropriate questions about things you could/couldn’t dip.  But damn, we had fun.

After we were all full of delicious chocolate and had our goodie bags, we managed to find more alcohol along Park Avenue and managed to have some fun before landing at BurgerFi for some actual food.  It was a great night hanging with some great friends.


Burger and Onion Rings from BurgerFi in Winter Park.

The next day, the party continued at the Winter Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade! This is an annual tradition for our family, and it often a last minute thing.  Because really, who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day THREE WEEKS early!?!?!  Winter Park, of course!  Of course, it was about 40 degrees outside with a 30 mph wind or something.  So cute St. Patrick’s Day apparel had to be covered by coats and things.  These Florida boys were not thrilled.  But it was fun!!!

Cousins at the Winter Park St. Patrick's Day parade!

Cousins at the Winter Park St. Patrick’s Day parade!

I was sick on my actual birthday which really sucked.  But, the upside was that I spent most of the day either in the bathtub or my bed and not only caught up on my DVR, but also watched some movies like Argo and Skyfall.  Because, you know, I’m way behind on movies and I’m totally fine with that as long as I’m totally caught up on my tv.

But the day ended perfectly.  It involved sushi in my pj’s, cuddling with my boys watching movies…and this amazing cake:

This delicious birthday cake brought to you buy the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck! It's chocolate chip cookie dough!!!

This delicious birthday cake brought to you buy the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck! It’s chocolate chip cookie dough!!!

Big thanks to the guys at Yum Yum.  They sure do know how to keep me happy! I had no idea they made cakes.  This one was the chocolate chip cookie dough and was so good.

So all in all, a great birthday celebration and here’s to another fabulous year!!!

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