The White House

The Cook Family hits DC

I will write a more in-depth post later about what a great, amazing family vacation we had to Washington, DC. But as I’m sitting in the airport, looking at our list of things we’ve done, I thought, damn, that’s impressive.  So, here’s the raw list of everything we managed to accomplish: WEDNESDAY: Flew in to…

Chef Mickey's Character Breakfast

My boy has become a guy

I really don’t know when it all happened. There was a time, not that long ago, where my children would be mildly interested in sports and sport news, but would rather play with toys. Suddenly, my oldest, who is now 11 and in the 6th grade, has become sports obsessed.  It’s kind of awesome, and…


Great Women of TV

This picture was posted by Connie Britton on Monday via Instagram.  I’ve been obsessed ever since: Leona Lansing, Liz Lemon and Tami Taylor – all together?!?!?!  Oh to be cool enough to hang out at the Toronto International Film Festival with these powerful women.


Miss you, Scott Harris

It’s the one day of year that I allow myself to cry. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since you’ve left us.  In some ways, it seems like longer.  Yet, I have some vivid memories burned on my brain that it seems like just yesterday you were here joking around with me. I would…


Road Rules: Cook Style

Rules of the Cook Family Road Trip: No restaurant chains – only chain hotels. Exceptions include: McDonald’s once every other day if needed.  And Waffle House once on the trip. Everyone plays the license plate game The navigator, sitting in the passenger seat, controls the map and aids the driver in any needs including grabbing…