HBO's The Newsroom Valentine's Day Cards

Newsroom Valentine’s Day Cards

Another day, and more television-relation Valentine’s Day cards for you! Today, it’s all focused on Will & Mac from HBO’s The Newsroom.  Perhaps I’ll get to some other characters on the show, but frankly, it’s all about Will & Mac for me. Enjoy! I’ll be doing a different television-relations Valentine’s Day Cards everyday until Valentine’s…

The thing you have to know is that between 8 and 9 o'clock you are completely mine. For an hour, five times a week, I own you. - MacKenzie McHale from HBO's The Newsroom. Season 1, Episode 1

HBO Newsroom Fun

I know I’m becoming *that person* but I can’t help myself. I discovered this fabulous gem after watching the Season 2 finale and then going back to watch the very first Newsroom episode. Then I became a super dork and created these graphics because I love it so.