HBO's The Newsroom Valentine's Day Cards

Newsroom Valentine’s Day Cards

Another day, and more television-relation Valentine’s Day cards for you! Today, it’s all focused on Will & Mac from HBO’s The Newsroom.  Perhaps I’ll get to some other characters on the show, but frankly, it’s all about Will & Mac for me. Enjoy! I’ll be doing a different television-relations Valentine’s Day Cards everyday until Valentine’s…

Liz Lemon Valentine's Day

30 Rock Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s officially February and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Back in the day when Grey’s Anatomy was THE THING, Target sold Valentine’s Day cards and I gave them to all my friends.  It was awesome.  But no one has done them since.  So I’m making my own. Today, here are three different 30 Rock…

The thing you have to know is that between 8 and 9 o'clock you are completely mine. For an hour, five times a week, I own you. - MacKenzie McHale from HBO's The Newsroom. Season 1, Episode 1

HBO Newsroom Fun

I know I’m becoming *that person* but I can’t help myself. I discovered this fabulous gem after watching the Season 2 finale and then going back to watch the very first Newsroom episode. Then I became a super dork and created these graphics because I love it so.