Orlando Curling Club – Learn To Curl

I have found my calling in life…to become an Olympic athlete.  Sure, I’m old and out-of-shape.  But, I think with some training, I could easily suit up and throw some rocks for the U.S. Olympic Curling team.

Don’t know anything about curling? Check this out:

Curling clubs across the country have ‘Learn to Curl’ nights, including the Orlando Curling Club.  After years of talking about how much we would like to try this, we decided to head out in the name of adventure and as an added bonus, a fun birthday even for my husband.

I love being on the ice, even in sneakers.  I love skating (I even took figure skating in college!), I love broomball (look it up) – so basically I’m your typically northern girl.

So you are on ice – and learn the basics of the game including scoring, sweeping, team rules/positions and then it’s time to throw the rock.  It is hard at first.  But it’s surprisingly easy to pick it up and get your rock into the general area you need it to be in.

We broke up into smaller groups and started with the basics of the slide.  From there, learned how to actually aim and throw the stone.  Then we learned how to sweep, and then before you know it, we’re playing a game!! We managed to play “two ends” – and ended in a tie.  But we actually were able to play and score some points!

So now, we are actually considering going all in – like becoming members and doing this more – because it was that fun!! Plus, they encourage behavior similar to bowling – go, have fun, play and go drink.  We can be good at this!

Learn more now: http://curlingorlando.com