Gilmore Girls – The Tour

Where you lead..I will follow…anywhere that you tell me to.

Allow me to bring you along on a tour of the world of the Gilmore Girls.  I recently had the chance to tour the Warner Brothers Studio, and stand in the house occupied by Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

The back-lot studio tour is a must-do if you are in the Los Angeles area.  And be sure to tell the tour guide what you are hoping to see.  Since my tour guide was quickly made aware of my obsession of the girls, he went out-of-his-way to point out the smallest of Gilmore details.

Towards the start of the tour, we made a quick turn and suddenly, I saw Miss Patty’s Dance Studio and squealed with delight.

And a quick turn of my head to the left, and there it was…sitting there just waiting for me.
It was Luke’s diner.
The restaurant has been used for others shows.  But it’s Luke’s.  And since the Gilmore Girls are returning, so is the set.
The door was open, workers were inside getting it all put back together.

Next to Luke’s, Taylor’s Olde Fashion Soda Shoppe.

The park in the middle – yep- still there.
The gazebo was not in the middle, but I did find the gazebo behind a building on a different part of the tour.
There were some on my tour who simply didn’t understand why I was so excited about a gazebo.  The only thing missing was Kirk!

So we saw the adorable little church – you know – the one where Luke helped Lorelai break the bells? Yep, that one.
The perfect spot for a family photo.

The Stars Hollow Church.

The Stars Hollow Church.

Then we went inside on the houses on set.  Again, the house has been used in a bunch of movies and television shows – but at the moment- it’s being prepped to turn back into Mrs. Kim’s Antiques!! We were in Lane’s house!! Of course, it’s a tv show set.  So there’s no upstairs.  Her bedroom is a set that is built on the soundstage.  But the stairs are here – Lane’s stairs!!!

Out the backdoor an I see Lorelai’s garage – you know – where Lane’s band practiced and was storage for Luke’s controversial boat.

Lorelai's Garage in Stars Hollow.

Lorelai’s Garage in Stars Hollow.

And then…the house.  It currently has a different coat of paint – but it’s the home of those fabulous Gilmore Girls!! (Fun fact, the front of the house and the back of the house are both made to look like front of houses – but each side is different – giving filmmakers more options of different house types.)

The mailbox even says GILMORE.

Currently, a portion of the sound-stage is blocked due to practices and building of the Grease LIVE.  The building that was once known as Stars Hollow High, is going to Rydell High in the upcoming live production.

Stars Hollow High School

Stars Hollow High School

We went into another house being prepared for an upcoming production.  The house belongs to Sookie St. James!  So it appears Melissa McCarthy will be returning for the new episodes!! Now, this hasn’t been confirmed at this point, BUT, she is currently working on Mike and Molly just a few sound-stage away…so it appears all signals are go for the return of everyone’s favorite chef and best friend. (We were also standing on the lawn where the famous Thanksgiving turkey fry mess happened!!)  This house is also known as the “Geller” house – as in Monica and Ross Geller’s parents house from Friends.

Next, it was into the prop warehouse.  I have no idea how they catalog this place or how set designers find anything,
However, I found many items, mostly furniture and chandeliers that are designed for the GG set.
There are some classic “Emily” pieces for the OG of the GG, Emily Gilmore.  (Let’s just take a minute and pause for a moment of silence for the loss of Ed Herrmann, aka Richard Gilmore.)

Also spotted, a large number of nice furniture pieces destined for “Paris” – so it looks like Ms. Geller will soon be living in style.

Another table with items on hold for Gilmore Girls is marked with an “L&Z” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?!

Here’s the “movie theater” where Lorelei, Rory & Lane saw The Bangles!


These gates, the gates to “Chilton.”

Gates to the Chilton Preparatory School.

Gates to the Chilton Preparatory School.

And this tree, it’s not a typical tree people.  This is “Rory’s tree” at Yale.  The only tree she can study under because it’s just perfect.  (Also know, this grassy area was also used the the Friends episode where Phoebe was trying to run through the park, flailing arms and all.)

Rory's study tree in Stars Hollow.

Rory’s study tree in Stars Hollow.

We drove by the soundstage where GG sets are being built!!! But alas, no access allowed.  So we will have to all use our imaginations and patience as we wait for the return of our girls.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girl sets are in production!

In the giftshop, I bought all GG items for sale.  I am now the proud owner of a “Luke’s” coffee mug, “Luke’s” t-shirt and a “Dragonfly Inn” coffee mug.  Yep, I’m a nerd and own it.

Other really cool spot on the tour I should mention…
A few West Wing items, although President Bartlet’s desk is currently out for another production, we still managed to get a picture in the spot where it sits.  We also managed to see the “Bartlett for President” napkin that started it all.  Along with my FAVORITE prop from the whole series…the fishbowl.  That has always been one of my favorite episodes. (Allison Janney still works on the WB lot shooting MOM.)

We also had the chance to hold actual OSCARS.

And sit on THE couch from Friends.

An amazing tour for this tv junkie.

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