The Orlando Mountain Bike Park

If you love a bike adventure, or if you have kids that like to get dirty, let me turn you on to a little secret…the brand new Orlando Mountain Bike Park.

Location: The park is located in Orlando’s Lake Druid Park.  This is the start (or end) of the Cady Way Trail.  The address: 899 Coy Dr, Orlando.  Take Colonial Dr. to Coy Dr (in front of the Total Wine) and Coy dead-ends into the park.
(Pro-Tip: Do not follow your GPS- it will lead you into a construction dead-end!!)

Park Details: The park itself, is kind of lame.  The land used to be part of the naval base and will hopefully someday soon, house a playground and other amenities. Read more about the history here.  The park is home to two fenced in dog run areas.  And the main attraction, the mountain bike park.  There are actually two trails…a “training” trail and the pump track. I had no idea what to expect or why it’s called a pump trail, but I was excited to get out and explore the park with my boys.

The pump track is basically big, carefully sculpted piles of hardened clay.  There is no start and no finish, and you could ride around for hours.  It’s good for all ages and all stages.  Even I managed my way around it without killing myself! I’m told the “pump” name in the track refers to the pumping action of your arms and your bike.  You don’t pedal, but pump your way around the track. It’s fun to do and awesome to watch.

And for your off-road types, there’s even a trail in the woods!

So far during this winter break, we’ve been at the park five times.  One, there was about eight people there – the other times there have been maybe one or two other people.  And the best part….IT’S FREE!