The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Orlando

There’s truly nothing like a spa day to re-energize and relax.  I have had many great massages in great resorts – but I have yet to find a similar experience the Ritz-Carlton Spa in Orlando.

Not only are the spa services top-notch, but there is nothing that beats the “resort” pampering.

When you first book and appointment, don’t just plan to be there for that time period.  Make it a whole day event.  You will thank me.

You could start out the day in the fitness center, which is included in amenities.  Once you’re done with the workout, hit the locker rooms.

I could live in their locker rooms and in the bathrobes.  Seriously.

There are snacks and fruit-flavored waters, lockers, sandals, showers complete with salt scrubs, a steam room and a hot tub.  It’s quiet and peaceful and it’s hard to leave at the end of the day.  And that’s just on the inside.

The reason this place stands out from the rest…a private spa pool.  Resort guests have to pat $50/day to use it.  But those who are getting spa services have free all-day access to it.  It’s quiet, it’s beautiful and there’s even servers who will bring you anything you’d like.

You can learn more about prices and services here.  Yes, it’s expensive.  But it’s well worth the cost.