8 Sensible Gifts – Cards Against Humanity

People often ask if I’m Jewish.  I am not.  But I like to say that I’m culturally Jewish.  I love the food, the traditions, the music and the Manischewitz.

One of my favorite holidays traditions includes signing up for the Cards Against Humanity holiday fun.  Each year, you pay a small sum, $15, and they send you stuff.  Last year’s gifts included personalized cards, my own piece of property on some island and some creative gift-giving.

This year, the guys say will be their last.  I hope that’s not true.  But since the company is run by a bunch of Jewish north-shore boys, they decided to do a 8 days of Hanukkah theme – I’m in!

Here’s what we’ve got:

Night 1 = Hanukkah Menorah Socks – with one candle lit.Cards Against Humanity - Hanukkah Socks Cards Against Humanity - Hanukkah Socks Cards Against Humanity - Hanukkah Socks

Night 2 = Hanukkah Menorah Socks -with two candles lit.

Night 3 = Hanukkah Menorah Socks – with three candles lit.

Night 4 = Cards Against Humanity – JEW PACK.  Fun fact: 100% of Cards Against Humanity writers are Jewish…(and apparently grew up in the next town from mine…so we’re basically friends…).
Also contains a $1.00 Cards Against Humanity – U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund.

Night 5 = (Might be my favorite night….but I’m biased..)
The Jews over at Cards Against Humanity donated money to WBEZ, the NPR station in Chicago.  Included in the envelope, a letter from Max’s Dad (founder of CAH) which urges people to support their local public radio and public television stations, drawing attention to the fact that so little of the money needed to run these stations actually comes from the federal government.  Included in the pack is a little thank you gift from WBEZ which is a “field notebook.”  Very cool, very appreciate and very thankful.

Night 6 = Another home-run of a gift. Basically, all the cards in the game are printed in China.  CAH folks decided to give the workers in China a week off from work.  This is not something that ever happens in China and the factory had to do some crazy things to make it happen.  The CAH guys basically paid for a week of services, and had all the workers take vacation.  The envelope was filled with pictures and thank you notes from the workers highlighting the fun they had while they didn’t have to be at work.  Cue the tears…
You can read more about it here.

Night 7 = Cards Against Humanity – JEW PACK #2
This one is a social experiment – and asks the question…would you rather.
Would you rather this famous work of art by Picasso be donated to the Art Institute of Chicago? Or would you rather own a piece by them laser-cutting it into 150,000 pieces and giving one piece to each of the participants in this years CAH fun.  Now we vote – what do you think?  Read more & vote here.

Cards Against Humanity - Picasso Painting Cards Against Humanity - Picasso Painting

Night 8 = Basically, my husband will be the Lord of a castle in Ireland.  Which is basically the best because now you must address me as Lady Jennifer.  But seriously, the castle is in Ireland in County Cork…so you know, my homeland.  He will reign as rightful king over “Sensible Castle” in Ireland for “not less than three minutes, and also not more than this, beginning on the sixth of November, 2016 at 7:57 ante meridiem central time.

Guess who’s planning a trip to Ireland?

Cards Against Humanity - Castle Cards Against Humanity - Castle Cards Against Humanity - Castle