A very grown-up New Year’s Eve!

I hope you are all having a fabulous 2015!

My new year started off on an amazing note.  I hope that means this year has nothing but great things ahead!

Typically, our New Year’s consists of my husband working and me at my in-laws watching their neighbors blow up anything they can find.  But that’s so 2014.

Instead, we ditched the kids with my in-laws and went out for a very grown-up dinner (one that I’m still dreaming about) and a show, with my 2nd favorite musician of all-time, Billy Joel.  (He basically ties with Bette Midler for the number 1 spot.)

It was the most fabulous evening that started with an amazing dinner at Christner’s Prime Steak and Lobster.  Now, I have been here before, but only for a blogger tasting.  That event was nice and it was great to see the place.  But the tasting didn’t include steak.  I’m not a huge steak fan anyway, so no big deal.

But now, all I want to eat is steak.  I can’t stop thinking about steak!!

The evening started with us hanging at the piano bar with beverages while we waited for our table.

We were escorted to a perfect round table of our party of five and the feast began with the most amazing waiter…and amazing bread.  Followed by some amazing magic!  Seriously, great magicians who are not at all creepy and totally cool.

We decided to order a few appetizers for the table.  The hands-down favorite was the Sesame Seared Tuna.  Then it was on to the main course.  Steak- OMG.  And we got one big lobster for the table.

Let me tell you, the perfect bite is a piece of lobster covered in butter, and then added to a bite of steak.  It’s all melty goodness in your mouth.

I wish I had some better pictures of the meat – it was so impressive.  But, I was really hungry and was in no mood to practice patience!

There is simply nothing bad to say about this place.  It was the most perfect meal you can imagine.  The restaurant itself is beautiful, the bar was excellent, wait staff was perfection and the food was stellar.

Once the meal was finished, I just felt food drunk.  Not food coma where you are too full to eat more.  Just so happy and giddy because it was amazing.  We spent the car ride to the restaurant studying the menu and reading yelp reviews.  They all seemed to mention this “Orange Cake” for dessert so we just had to try.

YES.  Yelp wins again.  The cake was so delicious.  And mind you, I have a strict “fruit is not dessert” rule and was concerned about the flavor and texture.  But after my first bite, I just couldn’t stop.  The frosting was perfect – not at all rich. The cake was super moist (man do I hate that word…) but it was….so amazing. I want more.

I now leave you with some food porn pictures:

After dinner, we jetted down I-4 to the beautiful Amway Center for the Bill Joel concert! It appears from my social media timeline that 75% of everyone I know was at this show.  The funny thing is, I didn’t see anyone I know until the parking garage after the show!!!

What can I say about Billy? He puts on an amazing show that is full of energy, heart, emotions and memories. I laughed, I cried, I sang my heart out.  At midnight, we watched the ball drop from Time Square on the jumbo-tron and then sang Auld Lang Syne with Billy Joel.  Perfection.

Our seats were amazing for the price.  Towards the top of the place, but a perfect view of the piano man himself.  One day, I will sit in the front row.  One day.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel rocking out the guitar at his NYE concert in Orlando.

New Year’s Day started with a perfect, albeit STRESSFUL win by my Michigan State football boys.

So my friends, I hope you have a healthy, successful and peaceful 2015!


Maggie made a new friend, Jeff!  Go Green!

Maggie made a new friend, Jeff! Go Green!