The Cook Family hits DC

I will write a more in-depth post later about what a great, amazing family vacation we had to Washington, DC.

But as I’m sitting in the airport, looking at our list of things we’ve done, I thought, damn, that’s impressive.  So, here’s the raw list of everything we managed to accomplish:

Flew in to Dulles Airport – late – went straight to hotel

White House Tour – 7:30 am
had to be there early.
Lots of security.
We saw Bo as we were waiting to enter the white house.  He was running down a path as part of his time with the dog trainer.
In the White House we saw the downstairs, knows as the first ladies hallway.  We saw the library, the silver room, and the china room.
We went upstairs to the East room, the green room, the state dining room.  We walked out the north lawn entrance.

Went to breakfast at Lincoln’s Waffles.  Across from Ford Theater.
Took Metro to Washington Monument.  We saw Marine One fly over.
Went to bureau of Engraving and Printing – was very cool.  This is where they print money.  But it’s not officially money until it’s turned over to the Federal Reserve.  Learned a lot about the printing and security of money.

Walked across the mall to the Capitol Building for our tour.  Saw some pretty amazing statues and learned a lot about the building and its history.

Went to The Dubliner for a quick snack- got Jackie and went out to the restaurant for the party.  Could see the Capitol and Washington Monument from the rooftop.

Woke up and went to the National Zoo.
Saw all the animals we wanted to including the PANDA BEARS!  Also saw tigers and lions and they were pretty awesome.
From here, ate lunch.
Went to the National Cathedral.  Went to the top of the observation deck.  Also went into the crypt and saw where Helen Keller is buried.  Also saw the Space Window.
Drove to The Mall.  Went to the National Archives.  We saw the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Walked for a quick picture in front of the FBI.
Boys played football on the Mall.
Went to see Abraham Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Memorial.
Went to dinner at Graffitio’s – Top Chef Restaurant

Spy Museum
National Portrait Gallery
Watched the Michigan State game with the DC Spartans – alumni group – and MSU won!
Hotel pool

Air and Space Museum to see the shuttle.
Saw Space Shuttle Discovery – and the Hubble imax movie
Saw the Apollo capsule – saw the Red Bull Felix Baumgartner capsule
Drove to the 9/11 Pentagon memorial
Dinner at Ben’s Chili Bowl
Drove to the National Harbor
Walked around Old Town Alexandria

Arlington Cemetery – Tomb on Unknown Soldier- Guard Change Ceremony – Wreath Laying Ceremony
Lee Estate. great views of the city – foggy and wet
Eternal Flame – JFK Memorial
Shake Shack for lunch
Museum of Natural History
Museum of American History
Vietnam Memorial
Iwo Jima – Marine Memorial
Sushi dinner in Alexandria

Jen at PBS
Lunch at Good Stuff (top chef restaurant)