Adventures in Celebrity Stalking: Paula Pell

NOTE: I use the word stalking to be funny.  I am by NO MEANS a legit stalker, I don’t have time for that!
But I enjoy setting goals to meet certain celebrities and then crushing said goals.

I received an invitation to an event with the Girl Scouts to their annual gala.  Now, I was a Girl Scout growing up.  In fact, I received the Silver Award, the second highest award a Girl Scout can earn. (humble brag…)  But I haven’t been involved with the group for years, unless you count my annual GIANT donation during the Girl Scout Cookie drive.  But alas, I wasn’t quite sure why I would be invited, but then I opened the invitation and saw it.  The giant photo of a woman who I have admired for quite something.  Turns out, she was going to be the keynote speaker! It was my destiny!

So I spent the money on the tickets, bought a new fancy dress, had a dear friend come over and do my makeup, and Cinderella was ready for the ball!

IMG_3216 Awards were handed out, some adorable Girl Scouts sang some amazing song that brought back memories of patches and Girl Scout camp, but I was only focused on my girl, Paula Pell.

Like I said, I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile now.  And somehow, no one at my table even know who she was.  I did my best to explain why they should care, trying not to come off like the stalker I am, but they still didn’t seem to get it, until she started talking.  And then they realized just how funny she is.

You know how I’ve previously talked about how Tina Fey is stealing my life?! Well, it’s really all Paula’s fault, because she’s the writer behind it all.

A little bit about Paula Pell for those of you who are just catching up….

She’s a Chicago girl who moved to Orlando in high school.  She worked around town as an actress and comedian, including a stint at one of my favorite places in the world, Pleasure Island’s Adventure’s Club (RIP!).

Then, she became one of the first female writers for Saturday Night Live and is responsible for some of my favorite sketches ever, like The Cheerleaders and Debbie Downer.  Then, she worked as a writer on 30 Rock – again, stealing my life.  AND NOW, she has written the movie The Nest which stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  The movie is about sisters who freak out over the fact that their parents are selling their childhood home and come back to throw a big party.  The movie is “set” in Orlando (even though it was shot in Long Island.)  I could go on and on and on gushing about how much I love her.  And I kind of did to her when I met her.

Thankfully, I was able to down a stiff drink before walking over and professing my love for her.  Either she is a) just so cool b) used to crazy people like me or 3) was drunk herself.  She made me feel so special and had nothing but the best things to say.  She also loved my dress, said I look like Tina Fey and basically said she was going to follow me on twitter.  I’m still waiting for that to happen.  She’s busy…I get it..

Meeting Paula Pell

It was an amazing night with amazing people and empowering messages for girls and women.  Perhaps it’s time I get involved again with the Girl Scouts…