Fourth of July in Chicago

We were all most excited about the Chicago portion our adventure!

This is where we would hit the main event of our trip, the big family wedding!  But also because it was finally time to see my youngest sister’s new house! And that also meant a giant family sleepover!

After buying all the beer and cheese we could in Wisconsin, we drove back down south to the burbs of Chicago.

My sister has a great house- totally perfect for the entire family to crash under the same roof.  The kids loved having a basement where they could escape.  We adults loved sitting on the patio enjoying the cool summer air with ice-cold Wisconsin beer.  It was pretty perfect.

We took a trip to the neighborhood pool where the boys spent HOURS on the diving boards.  You see, we really don’t have diving boards in Florida!  Yet another reason to consider moving back up north, even if you can only use them for a few months a year!

We did a 5K on the Fourth of July, and of course all the boys finished before me.  Lots of fireworks all around, it was a pretty great day.

The main event was the wedding of my baby cousin, Jackie.  It was great to see all the extended family, and the Bresnahan’s brought the party, as usual.  There is even a story about stealing a golf cart and filling it with lots of boy cousins.  And of course, my youngest sister dancing on the table.  It was a great party!  My grandmother’s sunglasses have become a part of every family event.  You will see pictures below form the party with everyone wearing sunglasses – those were my grandmother’s – we like to bring her with us!

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