Road Trip Highlights: UF and Purdue

As you have seen from our road rules, we like to stop at college campuses if we are in the area.  On our 2013 road trip, we drove through Notre Dame and the University of Michigan.  This time, we drove through the University of Florida in Gainesville and Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana.  The idea to take these trips typically comes about 20 minutes out from the destination.  We don’t like to plan too much!

I wasn’t super excited to see the University of Florida.  I had pretty low expectations and frankly, have never been a huge Gator fan.  Well, I WAS WRONG.  The campus is gorgeous. Beautiful brick and trees and I really thought for a moment that I was back up north.  I like that it’s close to major highways.

To breakup the boredom of Indiana, we decided to detour to check out the campus of Purdue.  Since it’s a Big Ten school, we were expecting big things.  I can’t say I was super impressed.  It was nice.  But it looked like a normal campus.  Nothing special.  We then had to drive forever back to the highway through a million windmills.  This was cool, but it was also really in the middle of nowhere.  Pretty sure my boys won’t be considering this school!

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