Welcome to Middle School

I now have a middle schooler.  And a midlife crisis.

I honestly have no idea where the time has gone.  How did I get so old? How is my baby going into 6th grade?
It’s been a great school year.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like I haven’t had to fight about homework and studying.  My B is becoming a very responsible…and smart…little man.  He has had some great teachers and I’m so happy that we don’t even have to say goodbye to them!
He goes to school at a K-8 school.  The middle school is actually a science and math magnet program.  We applied, he was accepted, so he’ll be staying at the same school as his little brother.  It’s a great thing for so many reasons.
The last month of school has been a whirlwind.
First we had science fair  – and from there, it was all over so fast.  That was the last big project of the year- actually the last homework for fifth grade!
Suddenly we were on the big SeaWorld field trip, the school musical and the 5th grade graduation celebration.