Author Jen Lancaster – Orlando Book Signing

(Sorry for the lateness of this blog. Life gets in the way yo!)

I love to read, yet don’t get to read enough. I’m also a pretty picky reader. I think it’s because I work in news and feel like I’m always surrounded by death, destruction, politics, etc. So when I read, I want it to be an escape. I want it to take me into a life that is not my own.
You may call it click-lit, but I call it my kind of reading. I love it. I love to read about people who share similar experiences, live in familiar places and have similar crazy adventures to my own life. I feel like one day, perhaps, I will write my own book that will be on the shelf next to my favorite authors.

One of these favorites is Jen Lancaster. I first read her book, “Bitter is the New Black” and I was hooked. I literally felt like she was writing about me and my life. So many things in our lives overlapped. AND, the majority of the book took place in Chicago. It was like we were meant to be soul sisters. Instead, I’m kind of a stalker. Not a professional one mind you. But the, “I’m going to tweet at you non-stop until one day you acknowledge my existence and do a book signing in my town” sort of thing. (See previous blog posts about my boyfriend Patrick Dempsey for further proof of my passive-aggressive stalking skills.)

Don’t you tell me that stalking doesn’t pay off. BECAUSE IT FINALLY HAPPENED.
She visited Orlando, I was the first one at the book-signing and it was an amazing evening!!
Since I was so early (is two hours THAT early?!) I grabbed a great seat right in the front row. I was lucky to be joined by some other great girls that obviously had similar OCD issues and wanted to be sure to get a great spot. Not only did we bond over our “Jen Love” but they had the brilliant idea to run to a nearby bakery to grab cupcakes and to a nearby liquor store to grab individual wine glasses. I mean, BRILLIANT!

Waiting for Jen with wine and cupcakes!

Waiting for Jen with wine and cupcakes!

I was super excited, and totally nervous, to actually meet Jen. It must be so weird and awkward for her. All of these people are here to listen to her read a book. I can’t think of anything more strange. And then to have all these randoms professing their love. It must be totally gratifying but equally weird.
The bonus for us, she brought her husband Fletch! It was pretty great because you feel like you know him from all of her books. I’m sure he was totally freaked that we were all geeking out over him. I would like to thank the terrible mid-west winter for making this Fletch-encounter a reality.

So if you are looking for some great books, get anything from Jen Lancaster. You will not be disappointed.

Plus, I got a change to get my picture with her and the lovely dude at Barnes & Noble left me with this. At least Jen appreciates my humor! It must be that soul sister thing!