My baby boy turns 8 years old!

Happy birthday to my little Patrick. Today, he turns 8.

It’s hard to believe.  He’s always been my little cuddly boy.  Thankfully, he still likes to cuddle and promises that he will forever.  I will be holding him to this.

I remember when he was born, my husband turned to me with a look of terror on his face and said, “what if he’s so serious? He looks serious.  What if he isn’t funny?” Well, have no fear.  This child is a comedian.  I’m fully confident he will grow up to either do something in the entertainment industry where he will bask in attention, or perhaps be a politician.  Patrick knows people everywhere he go and everyone is his “best friend.” (even if he can’t remember their names!)

My little man reminds me a lot of my father.  The way they stand with their hands in their pockets; the way they can nap anywhere; the corny jokes.  They are like two peas in a pod.

Nap time with grandpa.

Nap time with grandpa.

Patrick and Grandpa in Chicago

Katie’s wedding. All dressed up in their suits and ties…

He always loved animals (alive and stuffed!) and likes to try to fit in small places even though he has gotten stuck.  He used to be very afraid of Santa and nutcrackers.  He was also afraid of loud noises, the dryer, the garage door, the doorbell.  He still isn’t a huge fan of Santa, or anyone else that comes into our house – like the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc.  I guess that’s kind of a smart thing, he doesn’t want strangers in our house at night while we’re sleeping.  I get that.  We used to have to leave the tooth fairy her teeth in our mailbox.  Now, he hangs them in a bag on his doorknob.

Happy, Happy Birthday to me little Patrick!  I love looking at these old pictures…my how time flies by…