A bedroom makeover for a Spartan fan!

My oldest son, Danger Cook, has been asking to redecorate his room for awhile. I kept putting it off since we’re never around saying, “wait until winter break when we’re home.” Well, that was stupid.

I didn’t think about how tired we would be from holiday fun, or how messy our house would already be from Christmas exploding everywhere.  Plus, we were debating of taking the weekend between Christmas and New Years to find snow. But since there was none to be found within a 10-hour drive, we stayed and painted.

I have always collected Disney License Plates. His bedroom had always held my collection. Well, he wanted them gone. (Now I need to find a new place to display my collection!)
Here’s a look at the before:


The ‘before’ photo of Brendan’s bedroom.

And here’s the after:


The after of the room redesign!

I love the color. He wants to keep out the clutter, which I so greatly applaud. We got some great items from IKEA and the Container Store to make it easier.
I also made a board to put all of his medals on from his races. With the help of my sister and father, we just cut and painted a piece of plywood. She printed the letters on her Cricut machine and we attached a tie rack to hold the medals. I’m pretty impressed with our skills.

Medal and Race Bib Holder

We made this medal & race bib holder using plywood and a tie rack.

Medal and Race Bib Holder

A closer look at the medal/race bib holder.

And it looks great with his trophies above!

Brendans Room

There is, of course, a lot of Michigan State Spartan items in his room now.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Now if I can just get the energy and creativity to do the rest of the house…