Square Cake Pops

I like to pretend I’m some sort of expert cake pop maker.  I’m not, but I pretend well.  Here are some examples of past work:

Minecraft Creeper cake pops

Minecraft Creeper cake pops!

Green and White cake pops

Green and White cake pops

Penguin cake pops

I tried making penguin cakepops at Christmas.

Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas Cake Pops

I’m kind of mastered the circle.  But I was given a new challenge, make “dice-shaped” cake pops for a Casino night birthday party! Challenge accepted!  But my brain couldn’t figure out how to make them square – off to the internet I go!

Here’s the recipe I adapted for my own purposes.  Enjoy 🙂


  • 1 Box of Cake Mix
  • 1 Container of Icing


1.  Make Cake Pop Batter: Bake the boxed cake mix according to the directions.

2.  Let the cake cool and then crumble and combine with 2/3 of a container of your favorite icing in large bowl. I like to stick with Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Icing or Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

3.  Mix it all together until the consistency is similar to play-doh.

4.  Put the mixture in a square pan – something like 9×9 will work perfectly.  I cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer.  Let it freeze up.  It’s perfect to let it sit overnight.  But a good hour will do if you’re in a rush.

5.  Place it on a non-stick surface and cut into squares. Smooth and sides.

7.  Melt Chocolate.  To quote from a previous blog post:

I have tried all the different ways to melt chocolate and I found the best and easiest products to use.  This is NOT a sales pitch – I’m not being paid.  But I will accept free samples!!  I have only found two brands of melting chocolate that work really well.  The colored stuff does NOT work for me.  I have tried, and I have gotten it to work, but it’s not easy and they never look professional. The best two brands I’ve found are:

I have also made friends with a local chocolate shop, Peterbrooke Winter Park, and they will do the dipping for me! I love this option because their chocolate is amazing.  However, I don’t always have time for them to dip!  For these dice pops, I did use colored chocolate and it was ok.  Just chunkier then the above – so it all depends on what color you’d like.

6.  Dip end of lollipop stick into chocolate and poke it into the cake square.  Dip the entire cake pop and shake off excess chocolate.

7.  Stand upright into a piece of Styrofoam for drying, and then decorate.  Move to fridge to let chocolate set.

Casino dice cake pops

Casino dice cake pops.

Here are some more pictures from the party – it was a great night!!!

Casino Birthday Party

Casino Birthday Party success!

Dice Cake Pops

Dice Cake Pops

The birthday boy turns 30

The birthday boy turns 30!