Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

I view this post as a public service announcement to all parents.

All that Halloween candy that you just don’t think anyone will eat, or should eat?  Put it away and save it for Christmas!!!Halloween-Candy

Not Christmas exactly, but it’s the perfect thing to help decorate your gingerbread house!

Yes, I know, genius.  I started this about two years back.  While decorating the house I was longing for the 100 rolls of Smarty’s I had just thrown away from Halloween.  Last year, I managed to save a bunch and we used it to do a crazy fun gingerbread house.

This year, we may step up our game and each boy may make his own house.  So we’ll have lots of uses for all that sugar.  The bonus, bonus thing of this whole idea? Yes, they could eat the gingerbread house – but after it sits awhile, it’s super stale.  So win, win!  They don’t eat all that candy and we found a use.

You’re welcome!



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