Tour de France – Spin Style

I’m sitting here watching the final stage of the Tour de France wondering to myself why it’s not on a network tv channel.  It’s been on NBC Sports this year, which is great…but still.  More people need to watch this amazing event.  I know the Tour took a lot of heat for all the doping news.  But with or without drugs, this is an amazing feat of the human body.  To be able to ride this mileage and these hills day-after-day is unreal.

Part of my other favorite things about the Tour, we do our own version of the Tour at my YMCA spin class.

In the past, all the teachers have gotten into the event.  This year, only one of my teachers did the Tour, but she does the best job so that was fine by me!

We essentially try to mirror the same stage the bikes are doing.  Instead, we do it on spin bikes, in doors and in only 45 minutes.  So it’s not the real thing, but it’s fun and different.

Plus, she makes all sorts of flags for the bikes and encourages everyone to get in to the act with clothes from their country.  I love it.

IMG_9716[1] JenCookBike Spin-MyView

Go team Ireland!!!

Are you a tour fan? What’s your favorite sport to play? Even though this is a “fake” tour, that last giant hill in the above picture was really hard 🙂