Secret fun at the Pharmacy

Up until I met my husband, I never knew what a “Speak Easy” was. I never even heard of it. He, on the other hand, uses that word for all of his user names…even on twitter!! It’s always been his thing. He’s been talking about opening his own forever. Well, someone finally got smart and opened one in town…because really….it was never going to happen otherwise.

@SpeakEasy01 is super excited about this real life speakeasy "Pharmacy" in Orlando.

@SpeakEasy01 is super excited about this real life speakeasy “Pharmacy” in Orlando.

Remember this door – because that’s the only way you’ll find the place!! I’m talking about the Pharmacy restaurant new to Orlando’s “restaurant row” off of Sand Lake Drive. Here are some links to find more info – because you’re going to want to go:

  • Pharmacy – Official Site – You won’t find too much info here!
  • Pharmacy – Facebook
  • Pharmacy – Yelp – This is where you’ll find great information on finding the restaurant – PLUS menu information, pictures & more! And in talking with the manager, they said that people only find this restaurant either by 1) Word of mouth from friends… 2) Yelp.

Location, Location, Location

So some say it’s all about location. Well if that’s true – this place will go out of business. And that’s what I love about it. It’s based in a newer entertainment strip mall of sorts off Sand Lake almost to the intersection of Apopka-Vineland. The closest big restaurant is Flemming’s Steakhouse. There’s not a lot of parking in the area – so I’m hoping the complex fixes that. We were there on a weeknight and I can’t imagine what that place is like on a weekend!!


This is what you are going to need to look for…see the dance sign? Look for that. Now…look at those numbers…8060…walk through there. There is an elevator on your right – DON’T GO THERE. Keep walking straight and on your left will be another elevator door.  Look for this above the door:

Above the Pharmacy elevator.

Above the Pharmacy elevator.

Push the green button and you’re there! INSIDER TIP —> Don’t tell the people that you are with anything. You be the expert and just follow these instructions and you will look like a rockstar and your guests will be amazed and confused. It’s awesome.

The Decor

The bar is the clear attention-getter. I couldn’t stop starring at it, and felt bad for the people sitting there thinking I was looking at them. There are so many pretty bottles of alcohol and tiny little homemade bottles to look at. Even the glasses we saw come out of the bar were beautiful. We couldn’t stop looking towards the bar. The rest of the place is decorated in a sort of dark industrial look with mirrors around – which I found helpful for spying on the food others were eating.

I also enjoyed the bathroom enough to take a picture of it:

The woman's bathroom inside the Pharmacy restaurant.

The woman’s bathroom inside the Pharmacy restaurant.

This is also not a place for children.  I didn’t see one child while I was there.  They do not have a kids menu.  Kind of nice for a change of pace.

The Drinks

The drink menu is intense.  There’s a lot to read and it all sounds amazing.  So much of what they make is homemade, so you just want to try everything!

I opted for the “Pharmacy Inaugural Fish House Punch.”  Here’s the description:

In 1732 a group of men formed a club called Schuylkill Fishing Company.  In Philadelphia States House (later to be renamed Independence Hall).  This group of men would sit around drinking, fishing, & putting together a little known document called the Bill of Rights (What, ever heard of it!).  For whose brave framers we thank you & will enjoy the gift you left us.   Sugar, Lemon Juice, Dark Rum, Cognac, Apple Brandy


The Pharmacy drink menu


The Fish House Punch on the left and a Gin and Tonic on the right.

My husband enjoy the Gin & Tonic with homemade tonic.  He also had a “Pharmacy Manhattan” and enjoyed both a lot.  The drinks were strong and tasty.  All the drinks are $12, except the punch which was $4.  And it was STRONG!

The Food

I make no secret that I like love to eat. The menu here isn’t big. But it’s obviously well thought-out and puts attention on locally grown food that is all homemade. The portions are hefty.

I started with french fries and soup.  See what i did there? I figured I would eat a bit lighter so I could have dessert.

Nana's Meatball Soup from the Pharmacy.

Nana’s Meatball Soup from the Pharmacy.

The soup was warm on this cold Florida evening, and it was delicious.  The meatballs were juicy and the soup had so much flavoring.  I had never thought of putting meatballs in, what is basically, chicken noodle soup.  MIND BLOWN.

These were the french fries.

French Fries from the Pharmacy.

French Fries from the Pharmacy.

They were enough to feed about four people.  I pretty much ate them all.

My husband ordered the clams and a very fancy entree, the Cassoulet.  It was this crazy baked mixture of Duck Confit, Sausage, Pork Shoulder, Navy Beans and bread crumbs.

The Clams from the Pharmacy.

The Clams from the Pharmacy.

All of the food was quality.  You could tell that time and effort went into the dishes.  The waitstaff was really knowledgeable about all of the food and ingredients.   Since we ordered basically 3 appetizers and one entree, we basically said they could bring it all out at the same time.  But the chef suggested that’s not a good idea.  They don’t use heat lamps and really it would be better for the quality to just send the food out as it was ready.  Fine with me!! And I’m happy that they do it that way.

The Dessert

Of course, I was saving myself for dessert.  They had three different dessert options:  Hot Fudge Sundae, Texas Lemon Tart and Creme Brulee.

I wanted to go with the sundae, and let me tell you what…  Not only was it the best one I’ve had in a LONG time, it transported me back to my childhood.

Pharmacy Old Time Hot Fudge Sundae.

Pharmacy Old Time Hot Fudge Sundae.

I love that it came in a metal cup.  That just reminds me so much of all the old fashioned soda shops.  Now, let’s talk about what’s inside.

I asked for light whip creme.  Mistake #1.

I made my husband eat the cherry.  Mistake #2.

See, I don’t really like whip cream and I hate cherry’s.  But after he ate it, the manager came over raving about the cherry’s and how they are the original maraschino cherries…which are darker and not as “fake sweet” like the red ones everyone is used to.  I should have tried it!!!!

As far as the whip cream, it’s homemade and tastes nothing like the whipped cream I’m used to. I could have eaten a whole bowl of it.

The ice cream was homemade as well and was a very creamy, very vanilla ice cream that really tasted like ice cream.

But the real winner of this entire dish was the hot fudge.  I pretty much licked all of the chocolate off the dish when I was finished.  I, of course, had to ask about the chocolate.  I was told it’s made on site and is a combination of semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate.  It was heavenly.

Overall, one of my favorite dining experiences in Orlando.  Everything about it was great and I just love the whole theme and idea.

It’s a cool feeling that you know about something so amazing that most of the people eating dinner in the other restaurants in the plaza don’t even know exists.  And I don’t want them to find out!!

So pass it on to people you like so it stays in business – but let’s not spread the word too much!! We don’t want it to be too crowded for the cool kids!