New Running Shoes

So I’ve been on this “get in shape” kick for about 3 years now, with little success.  The problem always seems to be about time.  I just don’t have enough of it.

Here’s the thing, I’m a routine person.  If I can get into a routine, then I’m good.  But if something disrupts that routine for more than a day or so, I get totally distracted and it’s almost impossible to get back in.

With that being said, I’m in a good place now with a really steady routine.  And I’ve found ways to deal better with the distractions.  So there is progress happening.  The downside about this new routine…my feet are KILLING ME.

I have been googling different ways to deal with foot pain.  Mostly it’s my arches…they are burning.  And then I noticed that my gym bag was smelling FUNKY no matter how I cleaned it. So I went in and smelled my shoes.  HOLY HELL – did they stink!  I can’t remember how long I’ve had them…first bad sign.  So I threw them in the washing machine…second bad sign…I know that now.

So they came out smelling even worse.  My only option, throw them away and get new shoes.

I decided to head to the much raved about “Track Shack” in Downtown Orlando. Everyone I know has gotten shoes from there and they are a runners paradise.  Well, I don’t run.  With my asthma, I will likely never run.  So it’s never been an option.  But I’m told they know feet and know how to fit shoes properly and I can’t remember the last time anyone actually measured my feet.

I ventured into the store and I fell in love.  The staff was so helpful and made me do all sorts of walking, running, squatting to make sure that they had a good idea of my feet and my issues.   The first pair they brought out, home-run.

I tried on a few more pairs – but they just didn’t feel as comfortable as these.  Plus, purple is kind of my color these days…so it all worked.

I went home and actually made my kids run around the block with me.  I did as much running as I could, and my feet were totally happy.

Next day, morning spin class – and happy feet.

Again the next day, happy feet.  It’s been four days of workouts with the new shoes and my feet have honestly never felt better.  My arches are happy, my gym bag isn’t smelly and I feel like I’m walking on a cloud.

Most importantly, I’ve learned a little more about how to properly care for shoes.  I had no idea about some of these things, like NOT throwing them into the washing machine.  Or even tying/untying shoe laces.  I’ve always just wedged my feet through the shoes.  I’m so happy the Track Shack included this handy little instruction sheet!

I think my only wish is that there was a store like this, but also included bikes and swimming.

Shouldn’t there be a triathlete store where you can one stop shop?

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  1. I agree; when my feet start hurting–from my martial arts shoes that are wearing down–there is nothing better than a new, fresh pair:)

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