Workout Numbers….Killing it in August!


August 2012: 272.02 miles

BOOM!!!  That’s my mileage for August on the bike….I’m on a roll literally…pun intended.

Compare that number to my previous months, and I’m killing it!!!  Just need to keep it up! I’m also doing a lot more weights in between rides.  I think it’s helping.  I’m actually feeling a difference in my body for the first time in my workout history of the past three years…so hoping I can keep it up!

I’ve also been drinking A LOT of water – cutting out fried food – and almost eliminating caffeine.  That one gets me every-so-often.

July 2012: 92.29 miles
June 2012: 189.5 miles
May 2012: 31.74 miles
April 2012: 37.87
March 2012:  41.69 miles
February 2012: 37.95 miles
January 2012: 93.76 miles