I miss you Scott Harris…

You were the reason I liked to go to work…you were also the reason I left late most days.

You were the reason I even remotely liked politics.  I mostly got into it to debate you and intentionally pick the opposite viewpoint just to hear you rant.

You were the reason I stayed in the tv news business.

You are the reason I’m not a registered Independent – I didn’t know it was an actual party.

You are the reason I turned into a NASA nerd – your love of space is contagious.

You are the reason I hate reality television….and the reason I find myself watching C-Span occasionally.

You are the reason I played golf – badly….and for some reason now I can’t even pick up my clubs now.

There are times where I think I see you…when I hear your voice in my head and think I’m losing my mind.

You’re the reason I look at a sailboat and get sad….but also happy…knowing you are sailing away in a better place.

My dear Harris…I miss you.

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