Review – Part 3: Legoland Water Park – Just add water!

Legoland Florida is home to a new water park.

It’s definitely fun and wet and the kids will love it.

Let me preface this by saying, we are frequent visitors of Disney water parks.  And Legoland is no Disney.  It’s not bad, but different, so you have to go with that thought in mind.

First thing you should know, there’s no water park only option.  You have to first buy a park pass and then get an additional water park ticket. Prices are $12/adult and $6/children.

There’s also no water park only entrance.  The water park area is literally at the end of the theme park. So you will need to hike throughout the entire park to get there.  On the HOT day we were there, we were thrilled when we finally saw water.

Once inside, there are nice changing room and lockers, there’s also a towel rental area.  We found some nice areas to sit near the wave pool and explored the area.

It’s not that big of a park.  There’s an area for small children, a wave pool, another area for older kids, maybe ages 5-10 and a slide area for those taller than 48′.

There’s also a lazy river – it’s small – but nice.  It’s also fun that you can build your own Lego creation on one of the rafts.

My children,  ages 6 and 9, really enjoyed the place.  After about two hours, we were ready to venture back into the theme park and ride more rides.

So don’t expect this to be all day entertainment.

The other thing I didn’t know, you are allowed to bring coolers! Again, being used to Disney, they are not allowed.  But I saw many people with coolers on wheels pulling them through the park and then setting up camp at the water park.  Great idea and great way to stay hydrated and save some money!

We can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Yeah, I did find that interesting that you must go through the theme park. I assume they did a feasibility study and decided they would make more revenue by making it the way they did. I believe the oldest suitable age for Legoland is 10. Nice review.

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