Review: Legoland Florida is a hit! Part 1

My kids have been asking to go to Legoland since they opened their Florida doors.  As a last act of summer, we made arrangements to go, but wanted it to be a surprise.  My oldest, like myself, does not like surprises, he has to know everything.  We told him the night before, but he had to promise not to tell the youngest.

So we woke up early and drove to the park.  Patrick was convinced we were going school supply shopping.  So when we pulled through the Legoland Florida sign he started screaming.  Screaming like a little girl and them the tears started pouring.

It was a great way to start what was a great day at a great theme park.

The kids loved the part.  It was perfect for their ages.  One is 9 the other is 6.  What was especially nice, the youngest could ride every ride inside the park being only 46″ – that never happens and he’s always left out.  There were some slides he couldn’t ride in the water park, but he didn’t seem to care that much about that.

Don’t go expecting crazy coasters.  There are some good ones, but nothing in the park goes upside down.

Here are some great family pictures from the day in the park.

Part 2 of the blog will feature more details about the park itself…from food to shows to rides….and Legos.  Lots and lots of Legos.

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