My kids rocked the Mini Maniacs Youth Triathlon in Winter Park

Kids are amazing.  I really wish that when I was a kid there were events like the Mini Maniacs Youth Triathlon.  Perhaps there were and my parents weren’t into it.  Who knows.  What I can tell you, my kids are now obsessed!

Here’s the deal.  The YMCA of Central Florida and the Winter Park YMCA Trimaniacs put on the Mini tri annually.  My nephews have done a bunch of similar kids tri’s around Central Florida, and my kids sounded intrigued, so we signed up!

The race is for ages 7 – 14.  That meant my 6-year-old couldn’t complete.  I think he was upset, and most likely could have beat half of the 7-year-olds, but I told him that just gives him another year to train and kick some butt! My 9-year-old was super-excited – but also nervous, as we haven’t really been training.  We just decided to sign up for the race about 2 weeks ahead of time.

So we started a daily training.  I wasn’t so worried about the bike.  He’s ridden long distances before.  I was a bit worried about the swim, but after a few days of training I knew he had that all under control.  That left running.  I don’t run.  My husband doesn’t run.  We tried to get him to run, and he just wasn’t interested….but we continued to push and train.

When it came to race day, he was a bit nervous…mostly because he hasn’t done anything like this before.  But he loves a competition – so he was ready.

The first leg is swimming – Ages 7,8,9 swim 100m or one length of the olympic-size pool.

Next leg, bike.  For this age group – that meant a 2-mile bike ride.  But that ride included going over a very steep overpass…turning around and doing it again.

And the run – only a 1/2 a mile.  That was the hardest part, as expected.  But I’m not going to lie that I almost started crying when he crossed the finish line.

Total time: 20:44 for my boy!

Now my nephews also rocked the event.  My youngest nephew, age 8 – did the entire event in 16:27.  Not only did he come in first place for his age, but he came in 4th place for 7,8,9 year old’s.  Just crazy!!!

The event itself was super organized.  We had to get there early, and there were volunteers everywhere.  Everyone we talked to was extremely helpful, friendly and calming to the kids that were nervous.

Can’t wait to do it again next year!




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