Thoughts on the Olympics

I’m obsessed with The Olympics.  I’ve already watched more hours than you, I’m sure.

Here are some thoughts/observations….

1.  I love London.  It’s a perfect backdrop to the games – I love that they speak English.

2.  I really think I missed my calling in life – I totally could have gotten a gold medal in badminton.

3.  NBC is a giant FAIL for Olympic coverage.  They need to take a lesson from the BBC.  Just show all events live – I don’t need commentators telling me what is happening.  There is no need to promote a live app and live twitter feeds when on television you are pretending that the events haven’t happened yet.  The on air broadcast is turning into a service for people who can’t work the internet.  It’s just sad.  Get with the times NBC!

4.  I hated the USA uniforms during the Opening Ceremony.  Berets – really?  What are we, french?

5.  While gymnastics is my overall favorite sport, I really think there are others more people need to get into and perhaps one day, they will show on television.  I’m shocked there is as much cycling as there is on tv.  It’s great and makes me just want to get out there with them.  I always think cyclists are so friendly, but not true during races! I want in!  I’m also enjoying shooting, archery and I even watched handball.  I’m still not even sure what that is.

6. I really hope Ryan Lochte takes home every single gold medal he can.  I’ve never been able to buy into Michael Phelps – hype.  Not sure why – but I can’t get on board.  But there’s something about Ryan – perhaps it’s the Daytona Beach connection, or the fact that my nephew met him and has a picture with him from the Oviedo pool.  Either way – #LochteNation.

7.  The Olympics make me really want to go workout.  It also makes me realize how out-of-shape I am.  It also makes me realize that I’ve gotten old…somehow.  Commentators keep saying, “She’s the oldest in the competition at age 36…” and I’m like….what the what?????

However, this made me feel better:

It has been nearly half a century since Japanese Hiroshi Hoketsu first participated in an Olympic Games. Now, aged 70, he has set his sights on the London Olympics after qualifying as part of Japan’s dressage team last week.

Hiroshi Hoketsu dressage equestrian - 0