Marco Island Beach Craft

The whole family gets really depressed when our beach vacation ends.

We all want to be retired.  But unfortunately, that’s not possible…at least yet.

But each year, I try to get my kids to make some sort of craft so we can remember the trip.

It usually involves me trying to get them to do something they don’t want to do.  But this year, that was different.  Maybe it’s because they are getting older, or they were just too tired to fight.

Either way- this idea came from my son just walking through the craft store.

We bought the shadow boxes and a couple of sand dollars since we couldn’t find any small perfect ones on the beach.

We added other shells, sand and some paint and now…perfect beach craft!


The finished products from our Marco Island beach crafts


Brendan used shells, sand dollars, star fish, fishing net and sand to create this masterpiece.


Patrick had a lot of fun with this project using shells and sand.

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