Finding a summer exercise routine

Summer means fining a new routine – and that routine for me needs to include exercise.  But that also means heading indoors.  I still try to squeeze in some evening bike rides – or early morning ones.  However living in Florida makes that difficult as it gets hot quick and most days end with rain.

So I’m indoors at the YMCA.  I’ve got myself on a routine that include spin class Monday/Wednesday/Friday and then weights/elliptical Tuesday/Thursday.

I really love the spin classes.  Except for when the playlist include Tori Amos or Sarah McLaughlin.  I mean really – not spin appropriate.  But that’s a whole different blog topic.

Here’s a tally of my June mileage – not a bad way to start.

189.5 miles on the bike for June 2012

I’m bored of the elliptical.  So I’m going to have to find something that keeps my attention and is a little more challenging.  Any ideas out there?

One thought on “Finding a summer exercise routine

  1. I love to do laps in the pool. I would also see If they have a self defense class. Granted they never provide much of a work out. They do provide a service in self protection and add to your general well being. Just a thought.

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