Project Runway- Week Three

Random thoughts while watching the third episode of the season..
1. Tim Gunn in flip flops! Awesome…but dude, lose the blazer!
2. Like the idea of this challenge…but putting them with partners, that’s just mean!
3. I swear some of the people I’m seeing this week I’ve never seen before…some guy named Nicolas Putvinski? How is this the third episode and I’ve never heard of you???
4. Favorite quote so far “Ladies and Gentleman, a capital WTF!” (Uttered when the challenge got a twist!)
5. Totally surprised by celebrity guest, Rachel Bilson…They totally buried her! I love her! I just wished she talked more!!!
6. Ramon…Surprised by him being the winner. His designs were ‘ok’…I think there were some better ones…But also, part of being a leader is being able to delegate…and he didn’t do any of that…just tried to do it all…and that’s just not right!
7. Not surprised about the loser…although I liked him…he just didn’t know how to do much.
8. Still agree with my previous blog on the winner….