How to boil an egg…

I am really good at many things in life…cooking has never been one of them.
It’s not that I can’t cook- I just don’t have the patience to cook.
I’m actually really good at baking. But again, it’s just too time consuming to me to spend lots of time in the kitchen.
Plus, my husband is a great cook, so why should I bother?
Well, I realized for the first time in my life today….I’ve never boiled eggs.
It’s embarrassing, almost like saying you don’t know how to tie your shoes.
More embarrassing, going to google to find the answer…doing it…and then wondering if you even did it correctly!
The funny thing is- there are so many different methods to boiling eggs- it’s actually annoying!
I apparently did it correctly. But they SMELL BAD!!
And the eggs turned out nicely…

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